Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, GOP: Why Am I paying $3.27 per Gallon for Gas?

According to the American Book of Days, on July 6, 1854 the Republican Party was founded at Jackson, Michigan; it was here that the party selected its first statewide slate of candidates. Happy Birthday, GOP!!! I hope that the North Koreans don't launch some missiles in celebration--that's why I am writing this late at night on July 6 so as to not give them any ideas.

Regardless, being the festive fellow that I am and in the spirit of celebration--in reality, to prevent my car from running out of gas in the freeway--I promptly drove to the pump. Now, my wife and I are members of Sam's Club and get a 5-cent per gallon discount at the Roseville store. Even still, I paid $3.27/gal. Okay, I admit it: It was 91 octane gasoline. As I watched my dollars go down the fuel drain on the GOP's birthday, I wondered (nice word for cursed):

1. Why the heck am I paying $3.27/gal. for gas? Clearly, I'm not better off than I was two years ago.

2. If we liberated Iraq, why is gas not cheaper?

3. If we didn't liberate Iraq, then what the heck are we doing there?

4. Has Congressman Do Little told W and the Bushistas that $3.27/gallon for gas (even 91 octane) is a bit much? In fact, what has Do Little done to help us in this regard?

5. Is Congressman Do Little billing his campaing for the gas he uses? The gas his wife uses? The gas his pal Jack Abramoff used? Can I bill Do Little's campaign $46.43 for the gas that I pumped into my car today?





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