Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why is North Korea Launching Missiles on July 4th?

Good question. The answer is that President Bush said it would be unacceptable if North Korea launched missiles at any time--this caused the North Koreans to quiver in their boots. However, being the jolly fellows that they are, the North Koreans decided to put on a fireworks display for us on our 230th birthday: North Korea launched not only one but six missiles on July 4th--talk about excessive fireworks. Guys, we would have settled for a few burgers, french fries and ... oh what the heck ... some Kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage) would have been okay too.

Naturally, and as the North Koreans expected, they quickly gained center stage on our birthday, and--more importantly for them--the Bush Administration accepted what it previously said it considered unacceptable. Bush and company are going to seek allies in the UN to chastise North Korea. That ought to really frighten the North Koreans into issuing a statement expressing their profound apologies and promising never to do this again [again].

What is particularly troublesome is that for the past three years the Bushistas have touted the six-party talks between North Korea, South Korea, China, Russia, Japan and the US as the centerpiece of its foreign policy in dealing with the issue of North Korean nuclear ambitions. As expected, nothing has been accomplished. Moreover, two of the partners the Bushistas have enlisted to help solve the Korean nuclear dilemma--China and Russia--have threatened to veto any initiative in the United Nations that seeks to impose sanctions on North Korea for launching the missiles. The Russians and the Chinese even threatened to veto a Bushista sponsored resolution asking the UN to demand that North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Il stop eating chives on Wednesdays as an act of contrition.

In my view, the Bushista foreign policy towards North Korea is essentially this: We will engage in a series of interminable talks which will resolve nothing and two of the parties will ensure that you, Kim Jong Il and company, suffer no repercussions for whatever irresponsible and provocative act you engage in. So much for a visionary foreign policy.

As expected, Bushista Congressman John Do Little is a key supporter of this Do Little Foreign fiasco which they call a policy. I wonder if Kim Jong Il was a client of Do Little's pal, Jack Abramoff? Did Ms. Doolittle also get commissions from North Korea through John's pal, Jack? Did Kim Jong Il pay for the Doolittle's nanny also? Does anyone want to vote for Doolittle in November? If so, why?




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